Governmental Strategies, Inc. (GSI) was formed in 1996 to fill a gap in the Washington political marketplace. Rather than simply offering “access” to policymakers, we wanted to help our customer-clients extract real dollar value from a legislative and regulatory process that presents benefits and costs at every turn.

At GSI, we believe that expectations for investments in federal advocacy should match those for any other business investment. There must be a real return. That starts with an understanding of our customer's business, as well as their business strategies and objectives.

GSI wins on behalf of its clients because we work with them to develop a strategic plan to help them achieve their goals and that is sensitive to all the variables that affect public policy. We map the entire federal landscape – Hill, administration, and agencies – to identify the different opportunities and challenges that arise at each jurisdictional juncture.

We marshal the appropriate resources at each step. Our strategic approach tailors the message so that champions can be developed to build and project support for our clients based on both policy and political considerations. And, when the client's message needs amplification, we reach across corporate and public interest sectors to build broad-based coalitions. GSI believes it important that legislators hear directly from homegrown constituents and supporters.

Our modest size gives us great flexibility. Our home is on Capitol Hill, where, without downtown isolation, we're a short walk from our neighbors in the Congress.

GSI’s clients vary in size from a Fortune 20 diversified energy services firm, to small manufacturers and special-purpose coalitions. For some of them, we serve as chief Washington representatives, while, for others, we are a strategic partner and action arm for an existing Washington office.

When the mission is to deliver real dollar value, and when it’s expected that a Washington asset must perform and deliver like any other, GSI is brought to the team.

Our clients deserve and expect results -- not a repackaging of conventional wisdom. GSI is proud of our record of achieving outcomes on our clients behalf. Give us a call to find out how we can help your business maxmize policy opportunities and manage political risk.